Posted by: JohnnyRook | November 6, 2008

To President-elect Obama: “I support bold action on climate change.”

I just signed the We Campaign’s letter to President-elect Obama and have included my comments below. I would encourage all Climaticide Chronicles readers to sign as well.

Dear President-elect Obama,

Congratulations! I am overjoyed with your victory. Our house was the first in our town to have an Obama 2008 sign up in the yard.

I do hope that you take up the challenge of getting us off of our dependence on coal and oil and of generating all of our electricity from clean, sustainable sources within 10 years.

And, please, now that the election is over, do not hesitate to talk about global warming or Climaticide, as I prefer to call it. Your are not only our Commander-in-Chief, you are also our Educator-in-Chief, and people urgently need to hear from you on this subject. The bully pulpit of the presidency is a powerful tool for clearing up misconceptions and fighting back against the lies and propaganda that have been propagated at a cost of tens of millions of dollars by the denialists/delayers of the oil/coal/gas/utility/auto manufacturing lobbies.

This is the biggest challenge of our times, but we can stop Climaticide by working together under strong leadership. Yes, we can!

Click here to sign the We Campaign’s letter to President-elect Obama.


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