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Tell the EPA to Regulate CO2 as a Pollutant (Comment Deadline is Friday)

I received the following email from the We Campaign today and thought that I would repost it here in the hopes that some of my fellow Kossacks would take the time to sign Repower America’s petition to the EPA calling on it to regulate CO2 pollution as a danger to our health and the health of the climate we depend on. Please take a moment and sign now. (It’s really easy). The deadline for comments ends Friday.

Thanks, Johnny Rook



Tell the EPA to regulate carbon dioxide pollution.

Take Action!

Friday is the last day to voice your opinion on whether the EPA — the Environmental Protection Agency — should regulate carbon dioxide pollution, the primary cause of the climate crisis. This is a big deal.

Of course, special interests — like the oil and coal lobbies — are working overtime to defeat a positive ruling and have already gotten thousands of comments submitted in opposition.

Most people don’t know about this opportunity for public comment, so your voice can make a real difference. And with a new president in the White House, it’s likely that someone will actually be listening. Submit your public comment to the EPA here.

In April 2007 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency has the authority to regulate carbon dioxide if it is harming our health and welfare. After more than a year of delay, the EPA is finally now requesting public comments on whether carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping pollutants are endangering our health and our climate.

Join us, and send a message about how crucial it is to reduce harmful carbon dioxide pollution. That you expect the EPA to use its powers to protect our health and welfare. That we can “Repower America” by using energy sources that don’t emit carbon dioxide, and make the switch to 100% clean electricity. And that the solutions to the climate crisis are the same ones needed to address our economic and security challenges.
The EPA is taking public comment, before making a ruling.

This is our chance to go on the public record — all the comments will be posted on the EPA’s website. To post your public comment, just go here.

For nearly eight years, the Bush administration has done nothing to address the growing threats we face from global warming. Hurricanes are getting stronger, the North polar icecap is melting, and we’ve suffered through intense droughts, floods and killer heat waves.

The deadline is November 28th. Let’s help end the era of delay.


Cathy Zoi

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