Posted by: JohnnyRook | August 18, 2008

We the People Are No Longer Asking: Al Gore’s Great New Video

David Roberts at Grist and Matt Stoller at Open Left have given Al Gore and We Can Solve It grief of late for not taking a hard enough stance against the wingnuts in their campaign to stop Climaticide. One of their complaints had to do with an early We Can Solve It ad that they thought gave green cred to right wing scumbag Newt Gingrich. Maybe Gore was listening. This new ad definitely hits a better tone.

“We DEMAND that we use them.”

Yes! This is how WE we all need to be talking. We’re not asking any more. Kudos to Al Gore and the We Campaign for getting it right this time.

Each new ad has been better than the last. Here are two earlier ones from the campaign. The last one is the one that so ticked off Roberts and Stoller (not without reason).

[Hat tip to Mrs. Rook for pointing this out to me.]

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