Posted by: JohnnyRook | August 21, 2008

John McCain Lies About Alternative Energy and Lots of Other Stuff

As the New York Times’, Thomas Friedman, Daily Kos’s A. Siegel, and Climate Progress’s Joseph Romm, have all pointed out, there are a lot of lies coming from John Mccain’s BS Express, particularly as regards alternative energy policy and McCain’s support of it. See the following for more information.

Eight Strikes and You’re Out

McCain: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire …

McCain: Simple, Direct, Deceitful

The real, Luddite McCain: “The truly clean technologies don’t work”

Speech, Part 1: Anti-wind McCain delivers climate remarks at foreign wind company

Why McCain hates renewables but pretends he loves them

Will McCain’s cynical lies destroy the chance for serious energy and climate policy?

The video below shows McCain clearly lying about his voting record on renewable energy. (Click the links above for to see the evidence of McCain’s lies.)

And as this video makes evident, he doesn’t even take renewable energy seriously.

So, why does Straight-Talker McCain run ads filled with windmills and solar panels and claim that he supports renewable energy when he neither believes in it or votes for it?

That’s a question that I would like to hear him asked by the Traditional Media and not just once. He needs to be asked until he gives us a straight answer. Unfortunately, no one in the Traditional Media insists on getting a straight answer to their questions anymore. The interviewer asks a question, the person being interviewed says whatever they feel like, and then interviewer goes on to the next question. Maybe this is why John Stewart of the Daily Show is The Most Trusted Man in America.


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