Posted by: JohnnyRook | September 22, 2008

Grade Obama’s and McCain’s Answers to Science Questions

Sciencedebate2008 logo

Not long ago I wrote about the Science Debate web site: Obama Gets an A in Science. McCain Says His Dog Ate His Homework where a grassroots effort grew into a broad-based movement involving nearly all of the nation’s major scientific research institutions and many of its major research universities to get the presidential contestants to answer a series of questions on science policy.

The 34,000 questions submitted by those who joined Science Debate were pared down to 14 and submitted to both candidates. Obama promptly answered the questions, while McCain promised that he would at some future date. McCain has finally answered the questions. Now Science Debate is asking people to read, comment on and grade the candidates’ answers.

Below is a screenshot of the Science Debate web site with question number 2 on Climate Science, the candidates answers, and the grading choices. You can read the candidate’s answers, leave comments, and grade their answers by clicking here.


Learn more about the candidate’s answers, leave comments, and grade their answers by clicking here.

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  1. thanks for the pictures and post.

  2. 60% cuts suggested by McCain, 80% cuts suggested by Obama. Lots more is needed, but that’s another reason to hope Obama is elected.

  3. Hello James,

    You’re absolutely right of course. The urgency grows daily, but neither candidate is proposing to do enough. The vital difference, is that McCain in his lust for power (I can think of no other way to describe his shameful behavior at this point) is willing to tell any lie. Obama is not only more honest, he also has a better mind, and he and his advisors are far more “reality based” than is the McCain camp. I truly fear that the fate of the world depends on how wisely we choose in November.

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