Posted by: JohnnyRook | October 21, 2008

Coal: Public Enemy Number One

Here’s the latest Sierra Club video on the fundamental contribution that coal makes to Climaticide and on the role that fossil fuel companies play in disseminating lies and disinformation on “clean coal”.

For more information on myths about coal click here.



  1. I know that the remaining coal could cook the planet 4 times over, and that it is just plain foul and dangerous to use! EG: Our beautiful wine district the “Hunter Valley” about 4 hours out of Sydney, Australia, apparently has a lung cancer rate 3 times greater than Sydney! The beautiful rural Hunter? That’s coal fired pollution. (Statistic from Tim Flannery, author of “The Weather Makers”).

    But here’s the thing…

    If coal production really is about to peak in 2025 as the German Energy Watch claims, then won’t it become vastly more expensive… as it is already?

    I wish I could ban all fossil fuel use as soon as possible… but surely there is some hope that as we begin to RUN OUT of all this stuff, prices will rise (long before it is all used, God willing) and we’ll be forced into a renewable era.

    I guess I’m cynical. I was part of a group warning NSW politicians about peak oil way back in 2005. Where’s the big commitment to new electric trains, trams, and trolley buses running on clean renewable energy? Where’s the big commitment to New Urbanism creeping in around the train stations so we can have more walking distance communities? The whole thing is a mess.

    I don’t know whether to have any hope, or just weep for my kids.

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