Posted by: JohnnyRook | November 4, 2008

“The Coalition of Everyone Against Proposition 10”

I just received an email from Anthony Rubenstein, one of the leading opponents of California’s Proposition 10, the T. Boone Pickens natural gas scam that if passed will make Pickens a bundle and cost California taxpayers 10 billions dollars. For your information, Tony is:

Chairman and founder of Californians for Clean Energy, the force behind the 2006 Proposition 87, the largest Clean Energy referendum in U.S. history. The intent of Prop 87 was to reduce the use of petroleum fuels in California by creating market incentives to foster the use of clean alternative replacement fuels, renewables, and energy efficiency technologies. Despite a record-breaking $110 million opposition campaign by the petroleum industry, Prop 87 was narrowly defeated, with support from 45% of California voters.)

In his email, Tony included his latest newsletter highlighting Pickens’s lies, manipulation and machinations in favor of Proposition 10. The Proposition 10 boondoggle is a topic that I have blogged on before. I am, with Tony’s permission, reprinting his full newsletter below. Read it, and, if you live in California, go out and vote no against Proposition 10.

Anthony Rubenstein’s Newsletter
Last Day Until Prop 10 Goes Down

November 3, 2008
Only 1 Day Left
Volume 3 Edition 8
Dear Subscriber Please help me to stop Proposition 10. T. Boone Pickens is outspending those of us opposed to Proposition 10 by 200 to 1. We need your help to spread the word to vote NO on 10 – Please forward this email to everyone in your database.

For your convenience I’ve attached the lists of supporters from both Yes on 10 and No on 10 websites (as of October 25) so you can see for yourself – it really is “Everyone Against Prop 10”. The resolution on the images is low for email, so please click here to see higher resolution versions of the lists for yourself.

Over the weekend, T. Boone Pickens’ Yes on 10 Campaign sent mass email spam to California voters claiming Senator Obama supports Prop 10. Don’t be fooled, Senator Obama DOES NOT support Prop 10. This is just one more deception by T. Boone Pickens’ $10 million Yes on 10 Campaign.

It was reported last week that T. Boone’s operatives have been running a dedicated “Swift Boat” style smear campaign against me. Because they have never been able to counter even a single fact that I’ve raised in objection to Prop 10, they have resorted to lies and smears against me personally instead. Please don’t let them get away with this, tell everyone you know to VOTE NO ON 10.

It was also revealed last week that a young girl who was unknowingly used in Prop 10’s deceptive TV ad campaign publicly came out against T. Boone’s Prop 10.

Even Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger came out against Proposition 10 last week.

And finally, the Sacramento Bee joined every other newspaper in the state in opposing Prop 10, by labeling it “the worst of the worst”.
Wow… quite a week’s work to cap-off the Pickens Plan for California. So let me just say this: If you were ever going to vote NO on anything, vote NO on 10. Teach T. Boone Pickens a lesson in California politics that he’ll never forget: Forward this email to everyone you know and ask them to forward it on as well. Tell everybody you know that you’re part of the “Coalition of Everyone Against Prop 10”. Tomorrow vote NO on 10.

See for yourself: Click here to see who is for and against Prop 10.

No on 10
Yes on 10

Forward this email to everyone you know and ask them to forward it on as well. Tell everybody you know that you’re part of the “Coalition of Everyone Against Prop 10.”

T. Boone Pickens’ Yes on Prop 10 campaign is really only supported by those who will gain financially if the measure passes. Even the John Dunlap and Alan Henderson, listed as “supporters” by Yes on 10 are being paid for their endorsement.

Remember, Prop 10 is a $10 billion “reprehensible scam.
Then there’s this to to look forward to…

Politico reported yesterday: “Marty Wilson, the campaign manager of the Pickens-backed initiative in California, said he’s already planning a second attempt, should this one fail.

“We’ve already seen areas where we could improve &hellip and build a bigger coalition,” he said. “We’re certainly open to getting out there with a similar measure in 2010.”



  1. Hi, I represent the Sierra Club on energy issues in California.

    The Sierra Club opposes Proposition 10. Carl Pope opposes Proposition 10. It is not a green initiative. It is all about greed and ripping the California taxpayer to benefit Pickens and his California spokesman, Todd Campbell.

    Proponents of Proposition 10 have been lying about our position because Pope and Pickens have hosted online forums together on clean energy. This does not mean that we support anything that Mr. Pickens is proposing.

    The Sierra Club does not have a position on the Pickens’ national energy plan, although many Sierra Club members oppose it.

    For a full list of Sierra Club positions on California propositions, go to:

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