Posted by: JohnnyRook | November 28, 2008

A Message from Africa about Climaticide

For those of us of living in the developed world in temperate climes, global warming can still seem abstract and far off both spatially and temporally, but there are places on the planet (and if you’re paying attention you realize that some of them actually are quite close to home) where the predicted (by the climate models all you denialists/deniers!) effects of our Climaticide are already being felt acutely. The powerful video below from an African climate activist clearly illustrates that fact.

I got to this video (made by a UK group called Christian Action) from the No New Coal web site. No New Coal is one of the many UK web sites opposed to E.ON’s new coal-fired power plant at Kingsnorth. The Kingsnorth anti-coal activists are some of the most motivated and active that I’m aware of. They serve as a model for other groups wishing to oppose new coal-fired power plants including here in the United States.

Also check out this article from Ethiopia

On a personal note: reading the above article reminded me of a conversation that I had with a nurse’s aid from Eritrea during my last hospitalization. He explained to me that in the area (up in the mountains away from the coast) where he used to live, traditionally they had been able to raise two harvests a year. The first was dependent on heavy spring rains. The second, the fall harvest was more subtle: it depended on dew that collected on the plants during the night and that was sufficient with proper care to water certain crops. For several years now these autumn crops have failed because, unlike in the past, the area now receives strong dry winds in the fall which dry out the dew. Now I can’t tell you for certain that Climaticide is the culprit here, but changes in atmospheric winds is one of the predictions made by the climate modelers and the Horn of Africa is one of the areas where such changes are supposed to occur.

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