Posted by: JohnnyRook | December 23, 2008

Amy Goodman Interviews Tim DeChristopher on Democracy Now!

Here is a video of an interview that Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! did with Tim. Tim is very eloquent in explaining what inspired him to undertake his act of creative civil disobedience.

A full transcript of the interview can be found at the Democracy Now web site.

See this earlier post for background information:

Hayduke Lives: Tim DeChristopher’s Heroic Act of Creative Civil Disobedience



  1. Leave to Mr. Bush and his cronies to slide something under the table to big oil. We need to develop our resources, yes, but not at the cost of losing habitat. I would gladly contribute to the funds Mr. DeChristopher needs to raise to make a downpayment. Truly public-owned public lands.

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