Posted by: JohnnyRook | January 14, 2009

Denialist Climate Change Quiz–The Teacher is Wrong!

If you are interested in Climaticide and are on the lookout for new information, sooner or later you are likely to stumble across Smart Green Frontiers innocuous looking Climate Change Quiz. Although, at first glance, Smart Green Frontiers looks like a legitimate climate change education site, in reality it is, as Greenfyre has pointed out in his excellent I did not have sex with that red herring, a propaganda outlet of the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, a right-wing Canandian think tank.

If you use the Smart Green Frontiers’ web site in conjunction with Greenfyre’s site you can still make a highly educational experience out of the process. Here’s how to do it. Open two tabs in your browser, one at the Smart Green Frontiers‘ web site and another at Greenfyre’s web site. Then take the Climate Change Quiz. After you answer each question read the site’s “correct answer”, which, in reality, is the wrong answer, and the specious reasoning used by Smart Green Frontiers in its attempt to mislead you. Then switch tabs and read Greenfyre’s analysis of how Smart Green Frontiers uses disinformation and twisted logic to try to deceive you, the quiz taker.

You have a double opportunity to educate yourself here. You can, if you don’t know them already, learn some facts about global warming, and, at the same time, you can learn how global warming denialists attempt to manipulate the facts and the science behind them to befuddle and confuse honest people on the issue.

Have fun, and remember: You’re smarter and have more integrity than the teacher! And, when you’re done, you might consider putting a link to Greenfyre’s site in the “Send Us Feedback” box on the Climate Change Quiz web site. Just so they know that they’ve been busted.



  1. This is so sad to see this. And so wrong.

    The seriousness of the problem is so great — that this kind of 2nd rate propaganda amounts to sabotage and treachery.

    If the issue was plate tectonics, or phlogiston or even evolution – well who cares? This is a George Bush tactic of confusion and denial in order to delay and influence public policy.


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