Posted by: JohnnyRook | January 25, 2009

George Monbiot Takes Off the Gloves with Shell CEO

George Monbiot, the blunt, outspoken Guardian writer on global warming has put up 5 of his hardest hitting interviews on Monbiot has a take-no-prisoners attitude toward the interviewing process as you can see if you watch the video below that he conducted with Shell CEO Jeroen van de Veer.

Do any reporters at major media outlets in the States ask and,if necessary, reiterate, these kinds of serious questions? Not that I’m aware of. If Monbiot worked for any American network news company or any of the major American daily’s, he’d be out on his ear in a second.

Hat tip to Kevin Grandia at Desmogblog where I first came across this.



  1. That’s because US media deliberately promotes an anti-existentialist line.

    The choice we face is between long term survival or short term survival. Choosing long term survival is so disruptive to everything that we resist.

    Much like the danger from a psychopath or sociopath, much of the world is run by eco-pathic personalities – having no regard for the future environment.

    Thanks for your post. Mass Media has contributed to this problem.

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