Posted by: JohnnyRook | December 10, 2008

Clean Coal Carolers: An Industry Run By Morons

It is hard to express the scorn I feel for the people who finaanced and created this propaganda site run by the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity. Lumps of coal caroling about how clean and wonderful the filthy crap is. Check it out before they realize how stupid they look and take it down.

UPDATE: As I predicted, the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, didn’t like the scornful laughter the Clean Coal Carolers were provoking so they have apparently thrown the filthy little bastards into the furnace so they could make their contribution to Climaticide.

Someone managed to get one of the carols up on You Tube before they took the site down, so if you want to see how stupid the whole thing was check out the video below.

The link below, which used to take you to the Clean Coal Carolers now takes you to a page where the ACCCE offers up a lame excuse for why they took the site down.

Clean Coal Carolers Animation

And a couple of pictures not found on the Clean Coal Carolers web site:

Merry Christmas!

Further coments at these sites:

You won’t believe your ears: Frosty the Coalman, Clean Coal Night, Deck the Halls with Clean Coal

Give the gift of Asthma and a Warmer Planet this Christmas

Coal’s Sacriligeous Caroling


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