Posted by: JohnnyRook | December 11, 2008

Video of Obama’s Meeting With Gore: “It’s Not Only a Problem, it’s an Opportunity.”

Here is the latest video, courtesy of Repower America, of President-elect Obama’s statement to the press after he and Vice-President-elect Joe Biden met with Vice President Al Gore to discuss global warming and energy policy. You can read a transcript below the video.


The purpose of this meeting here today was to listen and learn from Vice President Al Gore on the extraordinary work that he has done around the issue of climate change. And all three of us think, are in agreement that the time for delay is over, the time for denial is over. We all believe what the scientists have been telling us for years now, that this is a matter of urgency and national security, and it has to be dealt with in a serious way. That’s what I intend my administration to do.

I think what’s exciting about that conversation is that it is not only a problem, but it’s also an opportunity. As I’ve already spoken about, as we’ve started to provide a framework for our economic recovery plan, we have the opportunity now to create jobs all across this country, in all 50 states, to repower America, to redesign how we use energy, to think about how we are increasing efficiency, to make us, make our economy stronger, make us more safe, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and make us competitive for decades to come even as we’re saving the planet.

And so, we are not gonna miss this opportunity. My office is going be working with a whole host of stakeholders on this issue, including Vice President Gore, businesses, Republicans, Democrats, consumers, everybody who has a stake in this issue, and we all do. I wanna bring together the kind of aggressive, bold approach that is is gonna make the future better for my children and all our children. So, I’m grateful that Vice President Gore has shared the information that he has with us, and I’m looking to forward to a, a busy next couple of years getting our handle…, getting our arms around this issue.

This all sounds very good indeed, particularly the reference to “repowering America“.

Coming, as it does, on the heals of his appointments of Stephen Chu to head the Department of Energy, Lisa Jackson at EPA, Carol Browner as “Energy Czar”, and Nancy Sutley as head of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, Obama’s statement serves to really reinforce his public commitment to taking serious action to stop Climaticide.

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  1. Definitely good news!

    I was psyched by yesterday’s announcement by Mexico that they plan to cut their carbon emissions in half by 2050! Now we have a great partner in the climate effort to our South 🙂
    See details at:

    If you find the SET (Sustainable Energy Transition) daily blog on major energy and climate developments useful at , please consider adding it to your blogroll.

    Onwards to sustainability,

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